EMPER0R is a long term passion project I'm building in between client work. The end goal is to have a game consisting of a central hub and various games connected to it. The hub will allow players to socialize and hangout, with simple activities being available for them to take part in. The other games connected to the hub will consist of racing, shooter, and fighting games (of a smaller scale and complexity than full retail releases). These spaces will be connected by a main story thread that evolves and progresses as time goes on, similar to episodic or seasonal content.

EMPER0R will have an economy where players can buy, sell, and trade cosmetic items, with some overlapping to IRL merch items equivalent to the in-game item. This would allow players to partake both in game and in real life if they so choose. The game would be aimed at people involved in Web3 but without alienating anyone else who would like to just play.


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