Karen, also known as Kogiflow, is a certified pole instructor and personal trainer who brings her unique and vibrant personality to her work. To reflect this, the branding and website for her business have been designed with her movement-based training style in mind. One way this is achieved is through the use of a horizontal scroll, which allows for easy navigation and mimics the fluidity and movement of her training style.

The overall design of the website also showcases Karen's vibrant personality, making it engaging and inviting for visitors. This, coupled with the use of imagery and branding, creates a cohesive and authentic representation of Karen and her business.

The branding, and specifically the logo, was designed with a focus on circles to represent Kogiflow's training style and ethos of not just working in one plane of motion, but instead building a well-rounded, functional body that functions as a unit.


Branding - Web Design - Photo/Videography


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