sandrin leung inc.

The design of the website for Sandrin Leung's architect firm was a careful balance of simplicity and modernity. The main focus was to create a website that was easy to navigate for older clients, while still feeling fresh and modern. This was achieved through the use of clean, minimalistic design elements and an intuitive navigation system.

The website's layout is easy to understand and allows visitors to quickly find the information they need. The portfolio section showcases the firm's past projects and their unique ability to combine structures with the natural world around them. The use of high-quality images and detailed project descriptions help visitors to fully appreciate the firm's work and understand their approach to design.

The design of the website was also inspired by the firm's architectural style. Sandrin Leung's structures are known for their ability to blend in with the natural environment, while still maintaining a sense of rigidity. The website reflects this balance by incorporating elements of both structure and flow. The use of clean lines and geometric shapes gives the website a sense of rigidity, while the use of organic shapes and natural imagery adds a sense of flow. This helps to create a website that feels both modern and timeless.


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