Fun photo booths require an equally fun website.

Brands are often judged heavily on their online presence, which means that even if their product is amazing, a slow or stock website will make people assume that of the product.

TapSnap's photo booths are interactive, fun and, fast so the website needed to reflect that. I rebuilt and redesigned the site from scratch using Webflow as it has a huge performance increase over Wordpress (where it was previously built). It also allows for a lot more custom animations and layouts.


Website Design - Graphic Design

Laying out the event types on a virtual table allows for dynamic story telling and a fresher visitor journey.


It allows for a creative use of themed props allowing the photo booth experience to shine through whilst simultaneously providing a fun browsing experience.

This is also great for SEO as it grabs the visitor's attention therefore decreasing bounce rates as well as creating a very shareable experience which in turn increases backlinks and reach.


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