Perform H2O

The endeavour with The Evolved Co. commenced with a clear objective: to encapsulate the innovative essence of PerformH2O through a coherent visual identity and digital presence. The initial phase involved an in-depth exploration of the brand’s ethos and the novel concept of the Performance Beverage they were introducing. This foundational understanding steered the development of a website that went beyond informational purposes, offering an interactive experience resonant with rejuvenation and peak performance.

Simultaneously, the packaging design for PerformH2O was undertaken. The goal was to create a visual narrative that resonated with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, mirroring the product's innovative spirit and performance-boosting essence. Every design element, from color schemes to typography, was meticulously chosen to ensure a harmonious narrative that stood in tandem with the brand's pioneering outlook. The packaging not only had to look appealing but also communicate the groundbreaking nature of the product succinctly.

The journey with The Evolved Co. transcended typical design projects—it was about building a unique brand identity from the ground up. Refining and expanding the brand's visual vocabulary across digital, print, and product realms ensured a consistent narrative that echoed the innovative promise of PerformH2O. This holistic approach not only set a solid foundation for a distinctive brand identity but also created a robust platform for PerformH2O to redefine the market's hydration and performance narrative. Through strategic design and close collaboration, the project underscored the pivotal role of design in translating a novel concept into a market-ready brand.


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